by Black CAT Amps®

It is a unique guitar pedal that successfully combines a premium design, an aggressive high-gain METAL distortion saturated with harmonics.

Metal distortion DJENTTONIC
The best sound for METAL

You will get finished sound from classic to modern tone!

Powered by a lithium ion battery.

Electronic voltage stabilization contributes to a crystal-clear sound.

USB Type-C charging socket

Full charge in 30 minutes* 12-hour operation on a single charge!

DJENTTONIC guitar pedal insight box top DJENTTONIC guitar pedal insight board DJENTTONIC guitar pedal insight battery DJENTTONIC guitar pedal insight box bottom DJENTTONIC guitar pedal shadow DJENTTONIC guitar pedal background
High quality components!

High Gain Distortion made of high quality components!

Single circuit board

All components mounted on a single circuit board - no wires!

Wear-resistant artwork overlay

Wear-resistant artwork overlay using unique technology

Hi friends, my name is Konstantin, and now I am proud to present our new pedal, which is DJENTTONIC!


It is a unique guitar pedal that successfully combines a premium design, an aggressive high-gain metal distortion saturated with harmonics.
The main difference of LE is that there's no Lithium power source, USB Type-C controller, socket and cable for charging. The pedal can be powered only from standard DC 9 V adapter. Of course you will get the original sound and design!

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Product Specifications


  • Input Impedance›470 kΩ
  • Output Impedance‹20 kΩ

Tone Controls

  • Low±10 dB at 125 Hz
  • Mid±20 dB at 200 Hz to 6 kHz
  • High±10 dB shelf at 1.0 kHz


  • Current Draw 32 mA
  • Dimensions 111mm x 60mm x 50mm
  • Power 5 V DC USB Type-C or DC 9V

Product and Technical Support

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