The Black CAT Amps company was founded in 2016 in Kharkiv, Ukraine, by Konstantin Makarenko. At now the company’s team consists of ten people and one cat. The company’s logo was inspired by the cat’s silhouette taken from one of its pics. Cats are loved by everyone, as much as apples.

November 2016

Having the idea and some experience in the production of radio engineering devices, imbued with modern METAL music, Konstantin Makarenko turned to developing a guitar distortion pedal in November 2016. Further—largely due to the companies such as Apple and Bang & Olufsen—our team had gained an insight into what the product should be. For some reasons, the pedal production could not go faster, as it would be desirable. It wasn’t easy to find the time, because this was not the project team’s primary area of activity. We started production not just to simply make and simply sell. We started production with the idea of making a pedal that would stand out from competitors and open up the opportunities previously not offered on the market. However, after 40% of the work was completed, nothing else was done for the project during the next six months. In mid-November 2017, there was, finally, spare time to complete what was started!

November 2017

The first Black CAT Amps guitar pedal was being designed and manufactured at home and exceptionally to the METAL music. The nature of its sound is imbued with the spirit and mood of progressive METAL music. In so doing, on November 30, 2017, the first METAL CORE pedal came out.


So far, the company does not have its own premises for production, but as early as this year (2018) we plan to set up a Black CAT Amps lab to stick at high-quality audio equipment development. We are planning to serialize guitar pedals for metal musical directions, extend the product lineup, and produce a high-end tube amplifier for listening to music at home.

Thank you for being with us at the start!

Everything is just beginning!